The importance of engagement sessions

June 11, 2012
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n each of our collections, we include an engagement session. I cannot express enough how incredibly important engagement sessions are to the final product on your wedding day. 
Every now and then, I receive an inquiry from a bride and groom who have had their engagement session already taken by a different photographer. That's ok! I'm sure the photos are also wonderful. However, having your engagement session taken by the same photographer who is photographing your wedding day does have some big benefits. Here are my thoughts on why this is so important :  
- Every photographer works differently. Getting to know how your photographer works with posing will help calm your nerves on the wedding day. We want you to grow comfortable with how we work so you don't have to think about what you look like through our lens. You may think you are the greatest poser in front of the camera but until that camera is staring you in the face, you don't truly know how it feels. We understand this first hand as we also had our engagement photos taken. Although I felt confident and beautiful in front of my photographers lens, I still wasn't completely confident in how I looked through the lens. We usually see everyone relax a bit more after the session has started. Think of engagements as a precursor to the wedding day. It gives you a chance to get the camera jitters out and confidence to feel even more beautiful on your wedding day.  
-We want you to trust us. I always love delivering the engagement photos to our bride and grooms because I am so excited for them to see how truly beautiful they REALLY are. It really isn't an easy thing to be in front of the camera so having the chance to grow comfortable in front of our lens only will help you trust how beautiful you will look on your wedding day. We also want you to trust our suggestions on places to shoot around your venue. Every photographer sees things differently and we want you to trust how we see the property as well as the lighting.  
-Engagement Sessions give us a chance to get to know each other through the lens. We truly believe in creating a personal connection with our bride and grooms. The more we understand your love the better we can document it. We just want to get to know you :) This will also help you trust us!  
-Why not have more photos taken of you two? Why not have another chance to have beautiful images of you two in a location that may be special to you. To read more about how we pick engagement sessions, head HERE to read about it.  
Even if you have a really busy schedule, 30 minutes will do for an engagement session. Although we like to have over an hour, sometimes all we need is just a small window of time to show you our process of work. Below are some examples of Liz and Danny's engagement session. We actually only had 30 minutes to work with Liz and Danny due to some horrible traffic in the LA area but regardless of the time, we got just what we needed! Liz and Danny felt comfortable on their wedding day and the engagement session was simply practice for what to expect.
I cannot say enough good things about these two. They were calm and collected on the wedding day and trusted our judgement on location, light and posing. The photos turned out gorgeous and I cannot wait to blog this wedding this week!

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