Sydney Australia Engagement Session: Nam + Ngan

August 10, 2011
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ERIOUSLY? We get to photograph a wedding in Sydney Australia?! Yep. Thanks to Nam and Ngan we were given this incredible opportunity and we could not have been more excited. I still cannot believe we flew across the world to photograph such an amazing wedding and it was a trip of a lifetime.  
We finally landed after a long plane flight over the Pacific Ocean, and were amazed with the gorgeous scenery and beauty of Australia. Nam met us at our hotel after getting settled in and he took us for a ride around the city. Nam is also a photographer in Sydney and he is REALLY awesome. We felt so honored to have been chosen by not only a great photographer but also by such an amazing couple.  
A few days later, we finally met Ngan at the engagement session and I just couldn't WAIT to get them both in front of my camera. Nam and Nagn of course wore the cutest outfits and helped us find the BEST locations to shoot at. We couldn't have been more excited to be working with such beautiful people inside and out. These two are truly amazing people. Nam and Ngan, thank you SO much for giving us this incredible honor. We just adore you two! Cannot WAIT to post your wedding. To see a slideshow of the rest of the day, click HERE.
The beginning of each engagement session is usually when our couples begin to get comfortable in front of the camera. I asked Ngan to sit in this chair and smile for me. Nam stood behind me and did something funny that made Ngan bust out laughing. I just love that I could get her reaction.
Nam gave us a few locations to choose from for the shoot and we decided to shoot at each one :) This particular place is called the Paddington Reservoir, and I was just IN LOVE with all the textures.
Steve and I did some exploring around Paddington reservoir the day before the shoot and stumbled upon this little store front. I just LOVED how it was decorated and couldn't resist shooting at it. The architecture around Sydney has so much character.
Nagn, you are gorgeous.
If I had a store, this would be my door knocker. :)
After shooting some urban shots, we headed to Centennial Park for some beautiful nature shots.
Nam and Ngan made their own adorable swing for the session. Um, could they be any cuter?!
Finally for sunset, we headed to La Perouse to finish the session off with some beautiful beach shots.
I LOVE this shot Stephen took with the 24mm.
We came across this branch that was laying in the middle of the rocks. It was so unique and different.
There were some boats we wanted to use off to the right but a naked lady was having her picture taken. It gave us a good laugh and we stayed clear of that area :)
I noticed that even the seagulls are perfect in Australia. Perfectly white!

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