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July 11, 2011
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don't normally post family photos, but I couldn't resist this family for a few reasons :) 1. I shot Jenny and Derrick's engagement photos when I JUST started and I think they deserve a spot on the blog this time around :). WOW. 2. They are dear dear friends of mine. 3. Jenny & Derrick are photographers too.  
I cannot say enough good things about this family. I've known Jenny and Derrick for over 5 years through our church. Jenny and I have grown to be close friends. Not only can we talk about life's crazy ups and downs, but Jenny is also an amazing friend in this industry. She is encouraging, inspiring and just so loving to be around. I cannot get enough of them and feel SO grateful to be able to document their beautiful family.  
Jenny and Derrick welcomed their new baby girl Maya into this world a year and a half ago and what a better way to celebrate then with family photos?! Um yes please:) It is such a fun experience working with friends and I am drooling over how beautiful their family is. LOVE them.  
Jenny is one of those girls that is just calming to be around. She's one of the most beautiful people inside and out that I know.
This is Maya. Can she get ANY CUTER?!!
I can't resist taking portraits of just the two of them. They are still SO in love and it was so fun documenting it on film.
Maya is definitely daddy's girl. This is precious :)

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