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Chicago engagement session : Brittany + Matt

September 6, 2011
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his past week, we headed to Chicago to meet two very special people. I have known Brittany for a few years now, but never had the chance to really get to know her on a deeper level. Brittany and I share a mutual best friend and it was so special for me to finally get to know Brittany and her incredibly nice fiance Matt in front of the camera.  
Brittany and Matt are one those couples everyone wants to be friends with. They are SO beautiful, kind, and just down to earth. I appreciate their genuine hearts. Brittany is an amazing graphic designer and photographer and I feel so honored that Brit and Matt chose us as their photographers and I have no doubt their wedding will be incredible.  
We walked the streets of Chicago and stopped at a few places that are Brittany and Matt's favorite. I can now say they are my favorite spots in the city as well. Brittany and Matt, THANK YOU for your genuine hearts and beautiful spirits. It was an absolute honor working with the both of you and we can now say we have two new beautiful friends. We cannot wait to celebrate with you!!
One of my favorite shots of the day. The Art Institute of Chicagohas such stunning landscape.
We stumbled upon this street while Brit and Matt changed into new outfits and the sun was gorgeous.
Britney and I share a love for the Wrigley building and the beautiful detail on the gold doors.
You two are BEAUTIFUL.
I love the soft look the sun still gives after it sets.
The water was so refreshing to put our feet into!

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