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March 23, 2012
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ello!!! March is here and wedding season is in full swing! Im sure all of us photographers are feeling the wind blow a little too fast right now. A lot of shooting is to come, the pile of editing is approaching, and album designs are waiting. As my business progressed, I have found things that help me function better through this season we call "wedding season." Lets chat about things we have found most effective in this business.  
I'd love to use this post as a forum for us to discuss! Ask me ANYTHING and ill write back on the comments! I thought i'd share a few things before some questions coming in. My first photo is of a bridal party posed and ready for some shots. I first of all picked this photo because I LOVED this wedding and the setting but also because it was nice posing only 6 people. Does anyone else get a little anxiety when posing 20 people creatively? :) I chose this images also because I loved the setting. It had some depth and character to it so it was easier for me to do something a little more creative. I encourage photographers to look beyond space thats right in right in front of you. Sometimes, I even venture beyond the wedding site to find something fitting if necessary.
This is a wedding we will be posting on Monday. OOOOOOHHHHH I so love these two in front of the camera:) Talk about people feeling comfortable! I love it when a bride and groom feel beautiful in front of me but not everyone does. How do you get someone to feel comfortable? This is something I hear a lot and honestly, I don't think there is a specific recipe for it but I do know engagement sessions make a HUGE difference in the wedding day. Allowing your clients to see the work you've already done for them makes them feel more confident in you. It also makes them more confident in themselves!
Albums! As my business has progressed through the years, I have been looking for albums that represent my brand and my company. We also offer leather albums but I was in search of another option that really was US. Cypress Albumss are incredibly beautiful and I just LOVE the softness of these albums. Once I found the companies I loved, (Cypress, and Leathercraftsmen) I then had to find a better solution for quicker album design. Whats everyones process? Do you hire someone to help design? Do you do it yourself? Why do you feel this way? I'd love to know from YOU what YOU do! Ask away, lets learn from each other :) Hope everyones having a beautiful Friday!

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